Our Team

Our team is comprised of people biking for a number of different reasons. Some of us are biking in memory of lost family members or friends, while others are biking as a tool to improve their mental health. Each rider’s story is different, but the goal is the same: to raise money and awarness for mental health.


Kilometers Pledged


Fundraising goal



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Spencer Bomboir Founder

Spencer Bomboir

Kailum Gervais

Kailum Gervais

madison bomboir

Madison Bomboir

megan lavender

Megan Lavender

carson lavender

Carson Lavender

Tyler Shumay

Tyler Shumay

Carmen Johanson

Carmen Johanson

Bretten Hull

Bretten Hull

Austin Bourhis

Austin Bourhis

Josh Reinbolt

Josh Reinbolt

Mackenzie Shore

Mackenzie Shore

Nicole Rodgers

Nicole Rodgers

Amanda Gooding

Amanda Gooding

Nick Bloodoff

Daniel Mandziuk

Kendall McKee

Levi Cable

Josh Lees

Leland Pearson

Amanda Allaway

Kelsey Schmidt

Kianna Blundell

Lauren Leshchyshyn

Matt Baker

NameKM BikedKM Goal
NameKilometers Biked
Spencer Bomboir1,504.99
Kailum Gervais1,207.68
Bretten Hull1,002.48
Carson Lavender1,000.08
Josh Reinbolt810.70
Carmen Johanson782.74
Tyler Shumay750.44
Madison Bomboir501.05
Megan Lavender426.92
Amanda Gooding363.56
Nicole Rodgers351.94
Austin Bourhis202.95
Mackenzie Shore200.08


Amount Raised


Distance Biked

0 KM

The Amount Raised total is an unofficial total. Totals will be updated every 24 hours. 


About Us

Bike for Mental Health is a fundraiser with the goal of raising money in support of mental health initiatives. 100% of donations are used to fund mental health initiatives in Saskatchewan. Established in July 2020.


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