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OSI-CAN is an organization created as a partnership between the Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatchewan Division and the Royal Canadian Legion that provides support for first responders, public safety personnel and veterans in regards to mental health. Their mission is to remove barriers for getting help and to continue to provide support after help is received. For more information on OSI-Can, click here

Donation Amount: $7,028.82

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Farm Stress Line

Farm Stress Line was initiated and funded by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1992. The Ministry of Agriculture contracted with MCS Inc. in 2012 to administer and provide crisis counselling to rural Saskatchewan. This change provides a 24hr 7 days a week response through a 1-800 toll free phone line with a proven expertise in crisis counselling.

Farmers can call 1-800-667-4442 when in need of support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Donation Amount: $2,252.68

Key First Nation Healing Home

Medicine Wheel Healing Home on Key First Nation

The Key First Nation is developing a permanent home for vulnerable people living with mental health issues. This home will fill the need of delivering mental health services, as well as providing needed resources within Key First Nation. The Medicine Wheel Health Home will provide a safe home environment while working within cultural practise. The Medicine Wheel Healing Home will be staffed 24 hours and offer programs with activities and training to empower and identify strengths to encourage growth and independence.

Donation Amount: $3,518.50

100% of Proceeds Raised are Donated to Mental Health Initiatives

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Bike for Mental Health is a fundraiser with the goal of raising money in support of mental health initiatives. 100% of donations are used to fund mental health initiatives in Saskatchewan. Established in July 2020.


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