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OSI-CAN is an organization created as a partnership between the Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatchewan Division and the Royal Canadian Legion that provides support for first responders, public safety personnel and veterans in regards to mental health. Their mission is to remove barriers for getting help and to continue to provide support after help is received. For more information on OSI-Can, click here

Donation Amount: $12,437.66

Farm Stress Line logo

Farm Stress Line

Farm Stress Line was initiated and funded by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1992. The Ministry of Agriculture contracted with MCS Inc. in 2012 to administer and provide crisis counselling to rural Saskatchewan. This change provides a 24hr 7 days a week response through a 1-800 toll free phone line with a proven expertise in crisis counselling.

Farmers can call 1-800-667-4442 when in need of support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Donation Amount: $2,252.68

Key First Nation Healing Home

Medicine Wheel Healing Home on Key First Nation

The Key First Nation is developing a permanent home for vulnerable people living with mental health issues. This home will fill the need of delivering mental health services, as well as providing needed resources within Key First Nation. The Medicine Wheel Health Home will provide a safe home environment while working within cultural practise. The Medicine Wheel Healing Home will be staffed 24 hours and offer programs with activities and training to empower and identify strengths to encourage growth and independence.

Donation Amount: $3,518.50

Key First Nation Healing Home

Mobile Crisis Services Saskatchewan

Mobile Crisis Services, Inc. is a non-profit community-based organization. The overall purpose of the agency is to provide integrated and comprehensive social and health crisis intervention services.

Services are provided on a 24-hour, seven day a week basis, in order to assure accessibility regardless of the time of day. The agency was formulated on the philosophy of “where services should be provided, they will be provided.” The agency represents an innovative approach to crisis intervention and is an integral part of the health and social service delivery systems. Mobile Crisis Services is committed to community health and the development of supportive communities.

Donation Amount: $5,389.00

Key First Nation Healing Home

Saskatchewan CISM Network

The Saskatchewan CISM Network provides consultation, education, resources and support to Provincial First Responders and Public Safety Personnel, and to establish a model for the development, support, and guidance for a standardized province-wide approach to best practices for critical incident response.

CISM Teams are peer-led, peer-driven support networks of Public Safety/First Responders whose volunteers are trained in best practices to deliver crisis intervention support per the Saskatchewan CISM Network, Alberta Critical Incident Advisory Council (ACIAC), and the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF).

The provision of Peer Support and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) within the province of Saskatchewan may include members of other jurisdictions where equitable mutual aid and cooperative aid agreements are in place. Our expressed purpose is to provide a network of Critical Incident Stress Management – Peer Support Teams, service providers, trainers and resources utilizing the International Critical Stress Foundation (ICISF) CISM Model to enhance crisis response within the Province of Saskatchewan to those we serve.

Donation Amount: $5,400.00

Key First Nation Healing Home

Prairie Harm Reduction

Mission: Improve the quality of life for all members of our community through gold standards in harm reduction; emphasizing local action with national impact

Mandate: Serve people at-risk and affected by HIV and Hepatitis C by reducing discrimination and deaths, removing barriers, pursuing innovation and demonstrating evidence-based outcomes.

Click here for more info.

Donation Amount: $6,000

Key First Nation Healing Home

Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service

Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service (SCIS) intervenes and manages social, emotional and psychological emergencies for people experiencing acute and ongoing crisis 24 hours each day, 365 days of the year.

Established on September 1, 1980, Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service is a non-profit community based organization that provides crisis intervention services to anyone living in Saskatoon who is experiencing distress and needing immediate help.

Our professional staff may respond to clients over the phone, in the office and in the home.

Click here for more info.

Donation Amount: $5,472

Key First Nation Healing Home

Crocus Co-operative

Crocus Co-op is a non-profit, charitable, member guided co-operative that works on behalf of people with a mental illness diagnosis, where members can find companionship, understanding and support. Mental health issues will affect 1 in 5 people directly in our community. Crocus is a place to learn, work, and heal.

Crocus provides safe and accepting drop-in centre for adults who have been diagnosed with a mental illness. Anyone accessing Crocus must first become a member of Crocus. Members are able to participate in various programs throughout the day, purchase a healthy meal or snacks from our canteen, and find casual work through our Transitional Employment program.

Click here for more info.

Donation Amount: $5,000

Possibilities Recovery Center

Possibilities Recovery Center

Possibilities Recovery Center’s mission is to provide opportunities for recovery from mental health and substance use disorders, and to promote positive change in not only the life of the person living with substance use, but their families as well.

Possibilities Recovery Center, based in Saskatoon, will provide its clients with an unparalleled holistic addictions program experience as the most trusted outpatient recovery Center in Saskatchewan.

Programs offered include pre-treatment (for people who need inpatient treatment but are on a long waiting list), the intensive outpatient treatment program, youth intensive outpatient mental wellness program, aftercare, recovery coaching and the MYC Youth Program.

In addition, they have a new Brighter Future Fund – which aims to keep youth programs free of charge!

For more information on PRC, visit

Donation Amount: $5,000


Possibilities Recovery Center

Restorative Action Program Saskatoon

Youth in Canada face physical abuse, crime, violence, substance abuse, mental health, suicide and self-harm. Our kids are no exception. More and more of them are facing multiple issues with fewer and fewer resources.

The Saskatoon Restorative Action Program Inc., its partners the Greater Catholic Schools, the Saskatoon Public Schools and the Saskatoon Police Service offer a solution.

For more information, visit 

Donation Amount: $3,149.59


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