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Raising money & awareness for mental health initiatives in Saskatchewan.

Bike for Mental Health is a fundraiser with the goal of raising awareness and money for mental health in Saskatchewan, Canada. 100% of proceeds raised are donated to various mental health initiatives in Saskatchewan.

Total Raised: $12,800

Distance Biked: 9,106.61 KM


Bike For Mental Health Team

Our team is comprised of people biking for a number of different reasons. Some are biking in memory of lost family and friends, while others use biking as a tool to improve their mental health. Each rider’s story is different, but the goal is the same: to raise money and awareness for mental health. 

Where Does the Money Go?


A portion of this year's funds will be donated to OSI-CAN's Saskatchewan Division.

OSI-CAN is an organization created as a partnership between the Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatchewan Division and the Royal Canadian Legion that provides support for first responders, public safety personnel and veterans in regards to mental health. Their mission is to remove barriers for getting help and to continue to provide support after help is received. 

Your money will help OSI-CAN fund their 13 support groups in Saskatchewan, service dog program, family support groups and for counselling volunteer first responders that don't qualify through their insurance. 

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About Us

Bike for Mental Health is a fundraiser with the goal of raising awareness and money for mental health. 100% of donations are used to fund mental health initiatives in Saskatchewan. Established in July 2020.


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