madison bomboir

Madison Bomboir

Current City: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Ride Goal: 500 km by August 31, 2020

Why are you taking part in this challenge?

I am taking part in this challenge to help raise money for mental health initiatives in the province. It will be a good motivation to exercise for an important cause!

Who are you riding for?

I am riding for my patients, friends, family, or coworkers who struggle with their mental health.


501.05 KM

Ride Log:

DateKM BikedRoute
July 4, 202014.61 kmclick here
July 5, 20209.14 kmclick here
July 6, 202018.15 kmclick here
July 9, 20206.55 kmclick here
July 9, 20206.57 kmclick here
July 9, 202018.00 kmclick here
July 11, 202029.44 kmclick here
July 12, 202020.56 kmclick here
July 15, 202017.88 kmclick here
July 19, 202025.66 kmclick here
July 21, 202018.97 kmclick here
July 23, 202018.82 kmclick here
July 26, 202085.04 kmclick here
August 6, 202016.32 kmclick here
August 8, 202019.02 kmclick here
August 15, 202018.71 kmclick here
August 20, 202036.22 kmclick here
August 23, 202025.71 kmclick here
August 25, 202033.03 kmclick here
August 26, 202031.59 kmclick here
August 28, 202015.20 kmclick here
August 30, 202015.86 kmclick here
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Bike for Mental Health is a fundraiser with the goal of raising awareness and money for mental health. 100% of donations are used to fund mental health initiatives in Saskatchewan. Established in July 2020.


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