Stephanie Koroluk

Current City: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Ride Goal: 250 km by August 31, 2024

Why are you taking part in this challenge?

“To raise awareness for mental health and also look after my own. I’ve seen personally and professionally how mental health and addictions resources are often underfunded and inaccessible at times. My hope is that we can raise money and put it towards an organization that will help to reduce barriers for those who need support. I find my mental health is at its best when I’m spending time outside moving, and biking helps with both!”.

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SK Bike For Mental Health, Inc. is a fundraiser with the goal of raising money for mental health initiatives in Saskatchewan, Canada.

100% of proceeds raised are donated to mental health initiatives in Saskatchewan. 

About Us

Bike for Mental Health is a fundraiser with the goal of raising money in support of mental health initiatives. 100% of donations are used to fund mental health initiatives in Saskatchewan. Established in July 2020.


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Contact a local support & crisis hotline

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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