Kianna Blundell

Current City: Regina, Saskatchewan

Ride Goal: 350 km by August 31, 2022

Why are you taking part in this challenge?

I am taking part in this challenge to advocate for public awareness of mental health and to raise money to promote the further development of mental health resources within our community. As a nurse, promoting mental health with my patients and within myself is very important and is crucial to overall health and wellbeing.

Who are you riding for?

I am riding for my family, friends, coworkers, and the community. I am riding for individuals that have been diagnosed with mental illness and struggle to obtain aid due to a lack of resources. By raising money for the mental health community, I hope to see a future with easily accessible resources for patients with mental illness.

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SK Bike For Mental Health, Inc. is a fundraiser with the goal of raising money for mental health initiatives in Saskatchewan, Canada.

100% of proceeds raised are donated to mental health initiatives in Saskatchewan. 

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Bike for Mental Health is a fundraiser with the goal of raising money in support of mental health initiatives. 100% of donations are used to fund mental health initiatives in Saskatchewan. Established in July 2020.


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